WebApps - Trade/Outlet Management System.

Web Address : trade.webappssa.com/.

Admin User : BSSDemo   Password : demo2015.

Entry User : BSSEntry   Password : demo2015.

Target Client :   Small Business Organization, Trade business, Shop/Show room etc..

Platform :   Cloud Based can be used from any Device Like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

         Can be Deployed in Widows Server, Desktop, Laptop and can be use in LAN, WAN Device


Functionality in short : Entry user will Enter Daily Purchase(Bank/Cash), Sales (Bank/Cash), Expenses,

              Sales Collection, Supplier Payment, Attendance etc.

              Admin user can check real time Cash Balance, Bank Status, Overall Account, Net Profit/Loss,

              Sales monthly/Item wise in Pie/Bar Graph, Ledger Book(Sales/Purchase, Customer/ Supplier Statement),

              Current Stock, Monthly Salary Sheet etc.